The exercise mat can double as extra sleeping.
First pic from Livingetc. Last 2 pics from Shootfactory.

Outdoor showers can be a luxurious choice.

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This San Miguel home was in the colonials section of ABC Realty.

These CGI houses by Bazooka and Jesrules don't exist yet, but you can have fun drawing up your own plans for them. They still don't have enough windows for me.

More CGI houses can be found here: Amazing Renderings of Beautiful Houses

This "21st Century Hut in the Woods" by Michael Proscia is still only a concept. You can check out all the other entries in the contest here.

Micro Compact Home

It looks a bit spartan but a favorite duvet, wall hangings and books could change all that. Yes, there's a kitchenette and bathroom included.

I'm always intrigued by houses with an inner yard since it means you don't have to worry about children being snatched off the street as they play, nor would you have to worry as much about letting a toddler out.

And if there were no high-rises alongside, you could have your light and privacy both. No windows made pointless by curtains kept shut all day.

Eggo House -- Designer: A69 Architects, Image Credits: Ester Havlová

Das Park Hotel Austria

These are supposed to be cool in the summer but not warm enough in the winter. I wonder if setting them into a hillside would keep the temperature the same year round. And I wonder if you could make a house out of setting several of them into a crescent shaped hill. chaise HCF8779 Noritake Colorwave dinnerware - cream Auguste COQ mug harlequin ceramics Great Falls Table quadrant storage cube watertiles by Kohler amsterdamescape: amsterdamnest

I looove compact one-room living. provinciales: commedia sectional sofa architect's residence: Bridgehampton, New York

This is possibly my favorite living room.

Better Homes and Gardens: Living With Books bolick

I think that's a sunken living room. forget which home Paradise Valley, Arizona - Daron and Ron Barness

Except, if I seldom went through my front door I would try to make my back door the daily eye-soother.

I love to get the most use out of the smallest space. Huge spaces had better have some redeeming flight of windows or I see a huge house merely as a pain to clean and all that wasted space as a clutter magnet, as I almost can not walk into a room without dropping stuff all over the floor. Any ranch house of mine would soon look like the Salvation Army was holding an emergency mission there. So I prefer an airy house with a tiny footprint. breezy room